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Spice blends and soups are the perfect gifts for hard-to-buy-for teachers

Published : 12/07/2014 19:21:42
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Spice blends and soups are the perfect gifts for hard-to-buy-for teachers


Each holiday season families scramble to buy an especially meaningful and treasured gift for their child’s teacher when really what most hard-working educators want is practicality. Online company Olde Westport Spice & Trading Company has the answer. Reward your students’ teachers this year with an unexpected gift. Broaden their spice rack repertoire with a new seasoning and treat their family to a homemade classic soup. After 30+ years in business, the company knows spices, seasonings and soups. This family owned and operated company from Kansas makes each spice blend for main meal dishes and appetizers as well as nearly 20 varieties of dry soups. The products are available online at; at more than food-related craft and trade shows; and at select local gift shops. “We have many longtime loyal customers who use our spices on a regular basis for family meals, in their restaurants and have even started buying the seasonings for their children and grandchildren,” said Ann Myers, director of sales for Olde Westport and daughter of the company’s founders, Bill and Judy Petersen. “We recently learned that many of these folks were buying the soups and spices as the perfect teacher’s gifts giving these hard-working and much-deserving educators a quick and easy recipe for a classic home cooked meal,” Myers added. Olde Westport’s spice blends and seasonings include Italian, Cajun, Taco, Fajita, Chili, Jalapeno, Beef Sauce, Salsa, Garlic and many more. All of the products use quality ingredients for a balanced flavor that compliments meats, pastas and vegetables. The company also invented dry soup mixes that are simple and easy to make including Antonio’s Minestrone, Country-Style Creamy Potato, Chipotle Black Bean, Creamy Broccoli and Cheese, Kansas City Steak & Ale, Gold Coast Garlic Pasta Alfredo, Mesa Flats Chicken Enchilada, New Orleans Red Bean & Rice, Southwestern Tortilla, White Chili Soup and more. Olde Westport Spice and Trading Co. is headquartered in Goodland, Kan, Bill and Judy Petersen, along with their daughter, Ann Myers, own and operate the company together, which started in 1983. Bill first custom created all of the spices and seasonings in the kitchen of  his home. Today the company has a manufacturing facility where Bill still researches and develops new recipes and dishes for future products. For more information or to place an order, please visit or call 1-800-537-6470.  

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