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Olde Bill's 10 rules for using his tasty spice blends

Published : 09/29/2015 10:22:20
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Olde Bill's 10 rules for using his tasty spice blends

As you munch on our delicious September recipes, make sure to abide by Olde Bill's Rules & Tips of Common Courtesy While Using His Spice Blends:

  1. The golden rule states: Them that have the gold make the rules. Olde Bill's rule of cooking states: Them that do the cooking choose the recipes and the ingredients.
  2. These meals are so tasty. Don't get close to or kiss anyone who hasn't shared one of Olde Bill's recipes with you. Your breath may be extremely hazardous to their sensitive nasal membranes.
  3. After devouring any of these superb meals, one can go off alone for two weeks and contemplate the true meaning of life.
  4. This recipe was so delicious and I ate so much that I promise never to overindulge again. I absolutely promise, until the next time!
  5. I love this one recipe and have made it so many times that my loyal subjects are beginning to look and smell like the ingredients. I must move on to the next page, now!
  6. While cooking Olde Bill's recipes I must keep my sampling to a minimum. I realize that my loyal subjects cannot exist on half of this recipe. I'm sorry, I just can't help myself!
  7. When I receive rave reviews for my superb cooking abilities, I will not mention or give out Olde Bill's recipes unless I am pressured and receive threats of great bodily harm.
  8. With my left hand on this cookbook and my right hand raised, I solemnly promise to cook a minimum of 1 meal per week using Olde Westport Spice Blends.
  9. When all fails in life and in cooking, see rule 10.
  10. Burp.

-Olde Bill

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