Olde Westport Spice Show Dates

From 1981 (36 years), Olde Westport Spice & Trading Co. has been a presence on the show circuit. Traveling by van to dozens of cities across the country.The Petersen’s travel with a full load which includes boxes of all the company’s products, plus demo samples, and cooking equipment. Preparing for just one show requires a marathon cooking session which can take several hours as the Petersen’s cook up to 25 pounds of hamburger to be used in their chili which is seasoned with Olde Westport Spice Championship Chili Spice Blend and then given out as samples at the show. They’ll also mix up gallons of dip featuring four of the company’s top-selling spices to entice tasters into becoming buyers. Setting up the company products at each craft show begins early in the day (usually the day before a show opens) as boxes of spices, coolers filled with perishables, bags of chips and pretzels and boxes of cookbooks are carried into the show. Throughout the long day which can last from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., one or more of the Petersen’s are on-hand to offer samples, field questions about ingredients, new and old recipes for the products, take orders and replenish the dwindling samples. When asked if the end result is worth all the effort, Ann (Petersen) Myers says, “We really enjoy being close to the customer, and by doing all these shows, we not only sell a lot of product, we also get great feed back. And since we do many of the same shows year after year, we really get to know people personally. My dad, Olde Bill, even gets fan letters from folks who love our products. He gets a little embarrassed, especially when asked to autograph his cookbooks, but he savors every minute of it”. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and visit Olde Westport Spice and Trading Co. at one of the following shows listed below.

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Upcoming Events:

*Black Hills Stock Show January 26 thru February 4